International Women's Day 2015 – Presenting to students at Morley Senior High School

This morning Tanya journeyed back to her old school, Morley Senior High School, where she delivered a motivational speech to inspire current students in the name of International Women's Day 2015, which is 8 March, 2015.

The theme this year is 'Make it Happen'.

Her high school dance teacher, Kerry Hinkley, recommended her to the event organiser, Ivana Gaglia, to talk about her achievements and what anyone can accomplish with hard work.

“I could see all of the students were really tuned into her. We were all impressed with how down to earth and inspiring her presentation was!”  
Ivana Gaglia, Technology & Enterprise, Morley Senior High School

It was a really fulfilling morning. She felt very privileged to be asked to speak at her old high school, catch up with some of her teachers and received great feedback from staff and students about her presentation.