The Forest's Edge with perhaps the world's first non-Caucasian Elf!

Last year I was lucky enough to be cast in this Lord of the Rings-esque film and was blown away by the independent production.

Not only did my elvish ears look amazing, but we had an Elvish linguist on set who had written an entirely new Elvish language to avoid Tolkien copyright moving forward! That intimidating elf behind me in the below photo is the talented Karl Reifenstein, who was also our armourer for the film. If you can't make out the details in my armour from the photo, please visit his page. This short film reminded me just how much I love the sci-fi and fantasy genre. 

An interesting point was also made by one of my film friends who saw the below image on social media. He messaged me asking, 'Are you the first non-Caucasian elf in all of history?!' This is not something I had previously considered, but I then asked my Director, Jake Jones, to which he responded 'I think so.' So in terms of timeliness and relevance, I am so excited that this casting happened subconsciously. Organic change is real change.

Everyone gave it their everything and The Forest's Edge is currently in post-production with aims of finding investors who are interested in bringing this storyline into a more lengthy reality.

BTS footage from  The Forest's Edge  as Neone.

BTS footage from The Forest's Edge as Neone.