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Currently in Post-Production: Amorous and Sisters of Sorrow.
On air: Tampax (Worldwide) and Verizon (North America)

Tanya started acting as the result of a friendly dare, which brought out natural instincts for the craft and she hasn’t looked back. Since starting in 2013 she has been cast in over twenty films, two television series, six theatre productions, plus various commercials and music videos. Most recently, All Joking Aside, Directed by Shannon Kohli (Supergirl, ShadowHunters, Van Helsing, You, Motherland)

Her writing and producing debut bilingual short, Hong Baoscreened as official selection in the 8th Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival in 2018. 

She also made her Directing Debut with the Winter Arts Festival TV commercial for the City of Perth, which she also wrote, choreographed and performed in.

Her multicultural heritage and diverse upbringing allows Tanya to play a broad spectrum of roles and appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Since discovering this passion, Tanya has submerged herself into acting courses and a magnitude of training around the world. In her endless quest for continuous improvement, she completed Atlantic Acting School's Summer Intensive Program in New York and has been recently honing her skills with renowned coach, Ted Sluberski.

Tanya has a strong background in dance, she speaks Chinese (Mandarin) and some Spanish, is an advanced scuba diver, freediver, rides a motorbike, is highly adaptable and also trains in stunts.

Her strong work ethic and enthusiasm ensures her utmost dedication to every role.